Welcome to flexing your life by freeing your thoughts.

Sidna Adams - LEGACY Life Coach

My work is about listening, and at the same time, creating a safe space, developing a relationship with you that will eventually produce awareness of unseen patterns, unfelt feelings, unheard thoughts and thus, give you more information and vision for your life.

I've spent 50+ years in service and the healing arts, and, as a former psychology and nursing student, I acquired a love for helping people. I trained with professionals, and as a world traveler, volunteered and contributed to countries less fortunate than the U.S. As a wife, mother and grandmother, I spent years supporting my husband and two boys, and now our grandchildren. My life purpose is to help people, hear people and support them in their growth and development. My message, is to follow your heart and then, get out of the way.

My certification as a Legacy Integrative Holistic Life Coach is with Steele Communications, qualifying me to help you see what you may not want to see, but should see. I can help you open up spaces that have been closed in your life, patterns you've been taught and survived with that are not serving you anymore, and can give you tools to find the true gift that you are to this world.

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My Promise:

To listen and support you as you discover visions of your life, where you see your level of worth and goodness


When you need a listening ear…

You will experience love, where your voice is heard in a safe environment. By using specific tools, the Mind, Body, Spirit pieces of your life come into play, and they are screaming to be shared. You will be guided to find balance, peace, harmony, joy and love in your life. Tools are used that help you learn how to shift from "stuck in emotion or behavior," and you will be able to see endless opportunities for your desired outcome.