It's the Little Things

As an infant and in early childhood years, my parents moved our family of 6 several times: from Warrensburg, MO, to Spokane, WA, Hayden, AZ, and finally landing in Riverside, CA, where I attended 3rd grade elementary through high school. I was rich in heritage and love. Still am. I learned to shift each time, making new friends and creating new stories. While we were in the throws of each relocation, all of that moving caused immediate anxiety and disturbance of my calm, yet eventually offered new opportunities to see the life/lives in each home and community, and my experiences accelerated with each locale. I didn't realize that when I was young, but I express it easily now. It GREW me. Great memories stay with me: before kindergarten in Spokane, first and second grades in Hayden, and the rest of the childhood schooling in Riverside. Walking, talking and laughing with my new friends, skipping around worms on the sidewalks, missing the cracks in the sidewalk to not "break my momma's back," making May baskets for our neighbors and running away before they knew who rang their doorbells, building a snow fort and throwing snowballs at my brothers and neighbor children, climbing trees, racing bikes in the cul-de-sac, playing outside until 9 or 9:30 at night. A ragged fence in front of our home in Hayden, AZ boasted of honeysuckle fragrances in the spring/summer, so every time I see or smell honeysuckle or lilacs, I think of the first time I experienced the luscious scents. We lived simply. I was one of the fortunate ones, because I learned about creating fun wherever I was at the time. The exploring my brothers and I did with our childhood friends, gave me an appreciation for the beauty of this earth and the country we are blessed to reside in. This allowed me the acceptance and love of each person. Most of the time, I found good in everything and everyone. My heart and eyes were always open to accepting it/them "as it is." Perfection.

Do you need to change "what it was" to "what is?" Don't cripple yourself with thoughts and emotions from a past that only brings sadness or discontent. "I shoulda, woulda, coulda..." need to reside in the past - left in the past. Live in the present, and let us have your presence.

We are in a hurry-up, get-things-done lifestyle, and it's difficult to slow down to enjoy moments that could otherwise be very meaningful. Don't rob yourself of some of the beauties of our Earth and its habitants. Clothe yourself with sunshine, walks in nature, have occasional chocolate chip cookies, observe different shaped leaves falling in the grass, beautiful colors of flowers and trees, hold your babies/children/loved ones longer, hang out with people that make you laugh, friends that complete you. Let your life "pop" with color and distinction. Observe the changes in seasons, the new buildings going up in your neighborhoods, the parks full of laughing children, the warmth of friendships. Let your observations thrive and be nourished with surprises, and giggles, and purpose. Appreciate TODAY, as you have never done before.