Cooking Up a Better Life

Many of you who know me and have seen my food posts on Facebook or Instagram, know that I love to create dishes in the kitchen. A lot of those dishes are inspirational, and end up tasting much better than imagined at the beginning. They are not always the healthiest, but they are good, nonetheless. I know you have looked inside the refrigerator or pantry, only finding a few items that are appealing to the eye and to your palate, but not everything in there is for the recipe you are used to. Believe me, there is so much more “in there” that we don’t see on the surface. There is so much more to tap and refresh and redo.

For me, cooking is a metaphor for life. The statement, “What we see is what we get,” is true. If we have closed vision, we can’t see the brightness of today. With our eyes closed in life, we just coast along and don’t see the blessings that are ours. Opening up to new possibilities gives us new avenues of thought, action and appreciation. Do you choose ingredients that are comfortable to your palate or recipes, rather than trying new items that would give your food choice a twist? Add a little cinnamon to a fruit salad, and it changes the entire flavor of that salad. I have a recipe for Kumaj Lebanese bread (photo above). It is basic - flour, salt, yeast, water, and a little sugar. I love the recipe as it stands, but I tried it with a little cinnamon, and wow! The bread just got better. My next try on Kumaj will be with a little minced rosemary. When we add a little more spice, love, understanding or compassion in our day-to-day relationships, we see things differently, and it becomes new and improved. We see light and a brighter projection in our life.